more 86 gt issues


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Nov 5, 2007
hey guys,

if any of you remember my last thread about the car refusing to go above 4 grand and running like crap. I put a dizzy in the car and that fixed that issue. The only problem im running into now is the car will intermittently run rough. Not a dead miss like before but a slight hesitation at any speed and any throttle position. Going down the road it will do it for a few minutes and then stop and then maybe do it again and stop again.
The plugs are good and wires are good also. I know i have a vacuum leak somewhere but i do not believe that should affect anything under WOT, and it still will do it then. My car is leaking coolant from the thermostat housing and i see the temp sender go up and hover right around the L in normal but then i just add coolant, don't know if they might be related. any ideas?

thanks guys
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if your having to add coolant you have problems of which could be probable headgasket failure which will allow coolant to enter cylinder and foul the plugs under WOT which could cause what you call a hesitation...could also be the coil which was the culprit when my motor was doing the same thing as you described...but i would address and fix the problem with it running hot and loosing coolant first..