More brake questions


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Dec 2, 2000
Lehigh Acres Fla.
I'm sure these probably seem like pretty dumb... or obvious questions, but I need the facts.

What is the exact size socket or wrench that is used on the front caliper banjo bolts? I'm using a 10mm but it has play still.

Should you be able to SEE one of the copper washers' after the banjo bolt is tightened up?

Will a tiny amount of surface rust where the copper washers go, cause the line to leak? It's not rough rust, just rust colored metal. I wired brushed it, it's smooth but still orange and brownish colored.

I'm trying to stop the leak problems. I'm putting new copper washers on to see if that will help any. I have my doubts. I put new ones on last time and they still leaked. I had them torqued down real tight and still.

If this dont fix it, I'm getting new brake line hoses for the front. They look perfectly fine, but if the leak isnt going to stop...well then... this is frustrating.

One more Q. Do the rear brake cylinders have the same size copper washer as the front brake lines? If they are smaller, where can I get them? Parts store don't carry anything smaller than what is sandwiched between the front line and calipers.
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