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May 28, 2005
Well my(91 gt hatch 5spd) car is undergoing a replacement of front gasket,crank gasket,distributor o-ring. Im saving the rear stuff for when i have to get the clutch done. But i noticed my motor shakes like a puppy in the snow when i rev it it up especially to one side. So i looked and the mounts are shot. And i opted for solid motor mounts just because there better,give cooler feel,and a lil cheaper. but not sure which ones to get...I want to do it while everything is taken apart because its just easier that way....And although i can see them i need to order them asap but all these different kinds are confusing me....
so is it these...



or maybe there are different ones for more HP but i there all close in price and im not wining about 10.00 so....pls help/
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onefstsnake said:
Yeah I work slow and take alot of smoke breaks. :D
I hear that. I did mine when it was 115*F outside. Every 30 mins I had to stop and hook up a saline-drip while resting inside the freezer. :D

Oh, The only serious thing I can add is that: to access one of the pass side bolts, I found it easiest to disconnect the battery and then remove the starter cable at the starter. With that cable removed, it made accessing one of the hard-to-reach bolts easy (I did it through the pass wheel well).

And for anyone using parts store mounts, sometimes they dont come with the correct threads to reuse your old bolts. Check first.

Good luck.
The urethane mounts work good and are designed after the convertible mounts. Just remember to use a block of wood under the oil pan before you jack it up.

Good Luck!
My stock mounts were broken in half and what i did was that i bought a couple of metal plates and with a welder i welded the plates to the sides of the mounts where they are just like solid but since it has all that rubber takes out almost all vibration...the motor doesnt move at all...but the body does when i rev it :nice:
We got the second ones they work good and fit even our 2" long tubes (the Kooks fit GREAT btw).But they did need about a 3/8" spacer on the drivers side (I used a aluminum square) to make the motor sit level.

Edit: I forgot,we got a D&D k-member so the fits probably differant than stock.

Dont go with #1,they look like POS.