MSD 6 Box

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hey guys,
you can just run off of the original ignition wire. That wire is just an on off switch for the control box. its a 5 volt min circuit. The original distributer wire will do fine. Just be sure to wire up you ignition switch so you get voltage when cranking. I've seen guys tap off the power lead from the wiper motor.
not really. there is another wire running from the negative side of the coil that triggers the tach. if you have a rally pack, it will not work with the tach output of the msd box, and do not hook it up to the negative side of the coil with the msd, too much voltage. msd sells an adapter to make it work with stock type tachs.
Instructions only say "Switched 12V"

I also used the original coil wire, although the ol' home depot truck doesn't have a Rally Pac :D so I can't help with that.

I stepped up to the Digital 6 Plus as it is not that much more expensive and has start and triggered retard, as well as a two step rev-limiter built in. Something to think about.
The Dan said:
Anyone running the MSD 6, 7 or 8 tell me where you tapped into to get your switched 12v source. Did you stay under the hood or run into the interior to splice in? Thanks.

Yep, I got the 6 and if I remember correctly got the 12V from the solenoid.

Go ahead and get the dial in rev limiter rather than using chips.