Muffler Bearings Gone Bad??

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Jun 10, 2013
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So we all know that working on our cars can be down right pain staking.
To make matters worse, we're always having to fix that "Unexpected Part or Parts!!"

For the "Best Ever" mustang talk, what's your "Unexpected Part Fix???" :jester:

My unexpected part was:
...."the muffler bearings went bad and the piston torx wrench would not fit inside the flux capacitor!!"
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When I was a young pup and turned wrenches for a living back in the day, we used to play a trick on the smart ass salesmen who had no clue about cars, but always like to talk smack. Whenever they had a car that the customer complained about the ride or it pulling to one side, we would tell him the problem was the air in the tires. If it was summer, we told him that they never changed the winter air out of the tires, or vise versa. If it was winter, we said that damn summer air was too hot and expanded the tire too much. Most actually believed that nonsense for a while, until the service manger took me aside and said to cut the crap- as he was laughing his ass off.

Then we told the salepeople about the spun battery cables that were causing the problems with cold starts.

Good times....
I think it's a real pain to change out the summer air in the tires every winter. Then I usually forget to rotate the tires anyway. . . .

Opps! Mike and I posted at the same time. . . .that summer air must be a popular problem.
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Don't forget to change the spark plugs on your diesel, and the belts on your carburetors . Also don't laugh, but in the latest MCA monthly mag there is a company that sells coolant filters that go inline in the upper radiator hose.

Anyone think this may restrict the coolant flow just a tad?

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3 month tune up includes :spit:
  1. top off blinker fluid
  2. need exhaust sample to install new muffler bearings and filter
  3. replace new carburetor belt
  4. new piston springs
  5. rotate summer air to winter air
  6. hollow spark plugs wires
  7. new water pump axle shaft
  8. replace alternator charged spun battery cables for cold starts
  9. new inline cooling filter
  10. --(anything else I'm forgetting??) -- :scratch:
had a person tell me their mechanic replaced their timing CHAIN on their 2.3 motor but the car still ran like crap. Walked them over to the Chilton and showed them pictures of the timing BELT and said "you may want to have a talk with that mechanic"

Yes there are a lot of scum mechanics out there that take advantage of people- squirting oil on engine components to simulate leaks, loosening up hoses, belts, unscrewing radiator caps, etc. Dealers were just as bad if a car was under warranty- one sided brake jobs, emery the crank after a spun bearing and slap a new cap on....
I'm still looking for a replacement one of these for my ride....

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