Mustang Build: Help Wanted

Even though I am aware that this idea of building my very own mustang will not happen for awhile. I am too impatient not to start planning out the build. So, when I am able to actually start I have something to go off of and not starting half-cocked.
I do know what I want as far as the end result, but getting there seems to be the hard part for me. Which I am sure is the dilemma with all first timers building their first car.
My dream car is a 1967 Shelby GT500, but seeing how buying is not an option my best option would be to build one. I just want the looks of the Shelby, NOT a complete replica.
I want modern conveniences, but with that classic looks. modern engine, brakes, transmission, suspension (IRS or solid rear, not sure which to choose). Just with these decisions what would I be looking at price wise for everything?
New mustang engine (mustang GT or boss 302) would be awesome if i could put the new 5.8L shelby motor, but probably not an option :(
which disc brakes should I pick? tires and rims to go with ( Im thinking the classic rims or classic style?
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ok first you want to list every modification you want to do to the car, start at the front and move to the back. if you want a shelby look, then you want all the shelby fiberglass that is available from a few places. if you want disc brakes, fine, you want them big or stock? what size wheels do you want to run? what engine, trans, rear end, etc. so now you know the mods you want to make, now start with what does the car need to make it a solid foundation with which to create your shelby look alike. rusted floor pans? etc. then start building and collecting parts.