Mustang Depot Kit

While searching for a complete suspension kit i came across this kit that Mustang depot offers from Grab-A-Trak that is $479.95.....does this look like a good kit to use to convert the 6 cyl suspension to an 8 suspension?

Each Kit Includes:
620 Front Coil Springs
Performance 4 Leaf Standard Eye Leaf Springs
1" Front Sway Bar Kit
3/4" Rear Sway Bar Kit
Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
Polyurethane Coil Springs Insulators
Polyurethane Sway Bar End Link Kits
Polyurethane Sway Bar Frame Bushing Kits
New Leaf Springs Shackles w/Rubber Bushings

Upgrades available: *Prices added to original charge*
Sway Bar to 1 1/8" = $10.00
Rear Springs to 41/2 Leaf = $20.00
Rear Springs to 5 Leaf = $30.00
Mid Eye Leaf Springs 1" Lowering = $20.00
Reverse Eye Leaf Springs 2" Lowering = $20.00

Sould I consider this kit or just find the suspension and spindles off of an old parts car? and no, selling this car and simply buying a V8 car is not an option because this is my first car and I would rather make the swap ourselves and learn. Thanks
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I ordered the GAT kit. It was an easy install and hopefully wiill work great. I upgraded to KYB shokcs and 5 leaf mid-eye springs. I will be glad I did. I wish I could tell you how the setup works but my car isn't finished yet.
Huh, I thought Grab-A-Trak was a mustang's plus brand. Well in that case, I ordered pretty much that exact kit. I love it, I have muchh more control over the car now, and having the body roll went from a twice a minute thing to something very difficult to pull off upon even fairly aggressive driving. The only differences in my kit were the thicker sway bar and the 5-mid eye rear springs. As far as stance is concerned, My rear is about an inch higher than my front, but I also did the Shelby drop, which I highly recommend while your doing the springs anyway.

Installation isn't bad at all, took me and my dad about three days total, and that was with about a full day on just the coil springs. No real special tools are needed with the exception of a spring compressor.

If you want performance instead of a stock replacement, go with this over pick and pull.