Mustang II Calendar Needs Pics


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Jun 27, 2002
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Hi All -- I am putting together a Mustang II calendar. If you would like your car to be in it please send them to me They need to be HIGH RES. Pics of your best cars from photo shoots.

You can post them at Photo Gallery - Mustang II Mania or Home - Mustang II Mania or email them to me.

Additionally if you have a photobucket account you can just post a link here and I will can grab them.

I need them by the end of Jan for sure, I am hoping to get 18 pics for an 18 Month Calendar.


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Jan 23, 2011

2 of my stang ii's. the race car is an original don hardy pro stocker that my dad built in '76. it's exactly as it was last run in 1980. still sounds as awesome as ever! the other one i rescued back in '95. i restored it in '96. getting ready put a new stroker in it.