Mustang is gone, thanks for all your help.


Mar 3, 2004
Well, the time came, I had to get rid of the stang. I have a baby on the way so I needed something a little more dependable, automatic so the wife can drive, and generally a car that doesn't "need" any work or mods. So I sold the stang on Wednesday, and bought a 95 T-bird on Saturday. It's a fully loaded LX with the 4.6 V8.
I just wanted to thank everyone for the good advice you have given me, and all the helpful posts. Good luck with your cars. Thanks again,



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My friend has a '95 4.6 Bird, and it's been a good car for him. He's not a car guy, so it's stock, but I would think that most of the Mustang 4.6 stuff would work on the Bird, and I'm sure there's MN12-specific things out there.