Mustang prices?

I don't know if this is the appropriate spot for this, but...

How much would you give for a 92 Mustang GT auto, ps, pb, ac, pdl, p/windows, cc, stereo, air bags, sunroof, and leather. Has 82k on it.



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I'm actually going to look at it in a few hours. I'll have to ask him why he's getting rid of it.

It is all stock except the exhaust. It is adult driven and gets about 25mpg. The interior is as perfect as can be with the only flaw being the ash tray lid hinge is
broken. Everything else is extremely nice.

Under the hood is very nice and clean also. The wheels are in very good shape with nearly new tires all the way around. The paint is in good condition with normal road wear. It has one very small ding just below the passenger rear window. It is small
enough I can't get a camera to focus on it.

I have all service records along with the original window stickers. This car rides and drives great. It is very tight and don't have the normal rattles and squeaks of a 15 year old car.

That was most of the E-mail I got back from him when I original asked if it was still for sale.
Ok, I couldn't see the pics at first but now I see them. I know that I couldn't find a stang that looked that good for under 6K about a year ago when I bought mine. I would guess that he wouldn't let it go for any less than $5,500.
I wouldn't buy an auto, or a gt, or a green car, but it's probably worth 5000-5500 if it's what you're looking for. If it's your dream fox pay whatever it takes. I know I would pay just about anything for a mint black notch.