Mustangs Unlimited /control Freak Suspension


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Jan 10, 2014
Wichita, Kansas
all this mess started cause I order the 1 inch drop kit from mustangs unlimited which at the time listed it as 67 -70 did not specify 3 or 4 bolt ball joints , they have since updated catalog. received kit it came with a 4bolt wedge to be installed under ball joint but the arm they sent me had 3 bolt. asked if they could send me a 3 bolt wedge , they said no that's for the 1 5/8 drop only . then asked for 4 bolt ball joint arms they replied those only exist as n.o.s. parts good luck finding them . then told me my option was to purchase 4 bolt ball joints from them and drill out 3 bolt joints , problem was after I drilled new 3 bolt out discovered there was not enough material on leading edge of arm to drill . called back they said my only option now was to buy arms with angle already incorporated . spent another 1,000 on blue moon control freak tubular upper / lower arms advertised through mustangs unlimited and blue moon as being able to run either stock springs / shocks or their coil over . couldn't afford coil over so ordered arms and tried to install stock springs , this is the mess I now have and neither blue moon (control freak) or mustangs unlimited will admit the arms are the problem and the only solution is for them to send me the coil overs at their cost . this started last august ,still no solution and mustangs unlimited is in no hurry to help me . there has been discussion on the engine not being in car was problem . NO , pic with blue coils is my 69 with stock arms 1 inch lower springs arm in factory location , pic with dirty / rusty arm is my 70 with stock springs and ENGINE INSTALLED SETTING ON GROUND , then we have control freaks arms . note in stock arms the perch rocks back far into the open area on stock arms , now control freak , the perch is hitting , jammed up against cross support tube directly behind perch preventing it from rocking back . I cant even get the front bottom nut on shock and on top my shock is jammed against the outside opening of tower . ALL THIS IS FROM PERCH NOT BEING ABLE TO ROCK BACK . mustangs unlimited position is its my fault cause instructions say to install spring . have sent these pics to them today . I would suggest everyone one avoid control freak suspension and NEVER listen to any advise / technical info from mustangs unlimited and if possible buy your parts elsewhere . any one that belongs to facebook and agrees with me please go to m/u and control freak facebook page and chime in . thank you
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Well that aint gona work:nonono:
the only fix i can see would be to notch the bar and box it back in. But it looks like you will have a problem in the front when the car is at ride height ,could be wrong but the spring seat looks like it will hit the plate behind the ball joint when the suspension travels up .