My car runs like crap


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Oct 16, 2002
Okay, my '91 LX is still running like crap. I have searched the threads here and have tryed everything sugggested in them but no luck. All of my mods had been on the car for a year before the problem started.

For the problem. It started about a year ago when it was becoming difficult to start when cold (cranked a long time before firing), but started fine when hot. It progressivly got worse until it is where it is at now. It will fire right up, but it sputters and stalls on cold start. When it stays running it idles kinda rough, it also backfires out the intake and bucks a little when driving until it is warmed up. When it is warmed up it has no power below 3000 RPM. :shrug:

Now for what has been done to fix it so far. I pulled codes And have done repairs accordingly. I can't remember the codes but as for the repairs I have replaced the evp, ect, act, tps, idle control assembly, spark plugs, cap, rotor, wires, TFI module, coil, timing chain and added a MSD 6A module. My fuel pressure is at 45 psi, timming is currantly at 20 degrees but has been retarded all the way back to 10, but runs better with more advance, and compression is at 110 psi but I don't trust my gauge I want to check it again with a different gauge.

Sorry to be so long winded but wanted you to have all the info. Any help would be great, Thanks
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i dunno but 110 seems a lil low to me for compression my engine that came with the car when i bought my stang a couple years ago came out of a worn out truck and still pushed between 130 and 150 but im not to informed on that kinda stuff so i may be wrong
have you checked your mass air???? my car would run like that before i replaced mine. It would run like cccraaaap when i first started and i would hear a popping coming out from the intake. it would sound only when cold then when she would warm up the car would run better but would lack power across the board. I changed that and it made a world of difference. C+L junk....try to borrow a friends or something to see if that could be the problem????
TPS is at .98. I have good spark and the ignition has been completly overhauled. As stated above I replaced the plugs, cap, rotor, wires and TFI module, not stated above I put in a MSD coil and 6A module all after the problem started. The distributer was replced about 20k miles ago because the old one seized.

Thanks everyone for the ideas :D
Check timing advance to make sure its working. If the car runs better with 20 degrees of timing the SPOUT circuit maybe open.

You can try forcing the computer into "failure mode" to pinpoint problems, by unplugging the MAF, o2s, ACT, or ECT. I used this method to find out my o2s weren't being heated.

Double check all computer ground wires and clean and pack the 10-pin connectors with de-electric grease.
hydrocarbon, the timing does advance and retard as I install and remove the spout. It also advances when I snap the throttle with the spout in.

mstangracer, set the fuel pressure back to 38 psi with no change.

I didn't think to mention this before, but when all this started I went from 26 mpg highway to about 10 mpg highway. :shrug: