my credit card is about to catch fire.


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Dec 12, 2001
North Port, FL
But seriously, I've made so many large expense purchases lately, that my credit card company put a Freeze on my account b/c they thought my credit card was stolen :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

But there's what i've been buying:
New FRPP Aluminum Block w/ ARP main studs
MPH prepped Cobra Crank
Eagle ESP H beam rods
Diamon 19cc Dish Pistons w/ diamond rings
speed-pro performance main and rod bearings
FRPP Head Changing kit
FRPP High Volume Oil Pump
Canton 7qt Road Race Oil Pan
Ported and Polished PI Heads w/ New version of Comp Cams valve springs
custom Grind MPH Turbo cams
P&P'd Bullit intake w/ custom cooling mod
Kooks Custom 2v turbo headers w/ custom hot section
Master Power T70 turbo
44mm Wastegate, 50mm BOV
31x12x3 w/ 3" inlet/out air/air intercooler
Spec Stage 3+ clutch
90mm Lightning Maf
60# injectors

and alot more.. but that'll come after the car is running again. And some pics:

View attachment 406383
View attachment 406385
View attachment 406387
View attachment 406389
View attachment 406391
View attachment 406393
View attachment 406395

Looking at putting down somewhere around 700-800rwhp once i get the fuel system situated (A1000 pump, Aeromotive rails, Aeromotive Reg., -10 an feed, -8an return)
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motor blew up.. i sold ALOT of stuff i didn't need finally... so that brought in $1400, that paid for the majority of my rotating assembly. paycheck paid for crank and block. Selling the supercharger paid for the turbo setup. and i'm still working on getting the fuel system stuff..

And i've been working like 16 hours a day 5 days a week every week.
I'm PLANNING on being at mustang week.. Probly Trailer the 96GTS (what this is going in) and the 2000 Cobra R down with me..

BDCardinal- Its a Brand new FRPP Aluminum block.. Retail - $1300 :D

I know the eagle's aren't going to like the HP level, but there only temporary, i'll probly upgrade to billets around the end of the year. I put em in b/c i got a HUGE deal on the $250 brand new!

Ohh.. heres some more pictures of what i got done today:

And the motor is now done minus installing the new valve springs and the MPH Custom Grind Turbo cams :D And Now for the pictures!!!

After Head Installation:
View attachment 406076
View attachment 406078

Front View of Engine w/ and w/o chain guides in place:
View attachment 406080
View attachment 406082

Driver Side Header Installation:
View attachment 406084
View attachment 406086

Almost Complete Longblock. Just need the new valvesprings, cams and chromed front cover and it'll be done :D yea.. i got some BLING coming
View attachment 406088
View attachment 406090

Oil Filter Problem... guess its time to get a relocation kit:
View attachment 406092

Passenger Side Header Installation:
View attachment 406094

Build cost so far is floating around $7000:jaw: