My Dream Stang.......


New Member
Feb 9, 2003
Well I had a lot of time on my hands the other day, so with the power of photshop (wasnt someone else on here asking about photoshop?) and google image search, I was able to make a composite picture of my dream stang:
Click Here!!

I've got my 93 convertible with the wings west dominator body kit,chrome bullit wheels, cobra R wing, 2.3 badge on the fender, styling bar,and theres even a sparco racing seat thrown in there.:nice: There are of course some emblems including the superman logo (I already had a superman color scheme , so I felt that the logo was appropriate). I'm working on an interior pic with autometer lunar gauges + gauge pods, my grant challenger steering wheel, and some other misc. gear. I am also gonna start working on an engine pic! Ideas???:shrug:

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