my exhaust leak


Mar 10, 2007
ok guys i need ur help... i have an exhaust leak on the passenger side where the midpipe bolts up to the header. i think its bc i let the sylicone dry by accident on the gasket before i bolted it up. Sometimes its loud, sometimes i dont even hear it at all ( the leak ). I need ur help to get me motivated to get off my lazy ass and into the garage to fix it. I know what i gotta do to fix it just lazy.

- does a exhaust leak rele hurt ur performance?

- do u think i can get away with not unbolting the catback and just pulling header/midpipe bolts out?
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I dont think you are supposed to silicone the gasket. I really doubt there is much that will stand up to the heat in that area.

A large enough exhaust leak will effect performance. Smaller ones generally wont.

If you unbolt it from the catback and the manifolds, and maybe support the mid-pipe with a jack you may be able to kind of pry it down from the manifold and replace the gasket without 100% dropping it.
Just pop the hood and listen on each side. It will be easy to determine if its the drivers or passengers side.

Mine was freakin loud, sounded like an old busted up dump truck even at idle.
i'm having the same prob with my header bolt on the driver side. Every once in a while before i leave work i throw it up on a lift and try tightening them back down but untill i get header bolt locks i'm just gonna live with it.