My MAF engine has better throttle response than my SD engine.

88 Fox GT

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Nov 18, 2002
Yep, the MAF engine I have in my '65 has much faster and more crisp throttle response than the SD engine I have in my '88 GT. What's up with that? Something wrong with the '88 or would my mods on the '65 help my throttle response? It's response is as close to instant as could be. The '88 has a little sputtery type of action when you blip the throttle on it.
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I have had the opposite experience. My GT is Mass Air and there seems to be more of a delay between WOT at the pedal and the engine realizing it. However neither of my Mark VII's had this problem. :shrug: I'd guess it has something to do with the restriction of the maf in the intake plumbing.
Your mods deffinatly have an impact on throttle response. maf and sd are both good systems it just depends on what you wanna do. If you have any mods on your sd and nothing to add more fuel for that extra air that would decrease throttle response.
My SD '88 has good throttle response. It's equal to my '03's.

I don't think throttle response has much to do with MAF or SD...i think it depends on the individual engine and it's state of tune.

If your 5.0 is sputtering when you blip the throttle, maybe it needs a little attention