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Feb 15, 2006
Well here goes on the way to the emergency room (taking my dad to the hospital) I got into an accident. not too much damage mostlythe passenger side fender. well my ABS light also came on at the same time. the insurance company finally said they would cover it. great since it was part of the accident. so while the car is in the shop i start ordering parts to do some of the projects I want at the same time (more cost effective). well it turns out that ford no longer makes the ABS control switch (not sure exact abs part but know it is a control part) so they try a used one that fails right after installed. on ford dealer in the area has this part anylonger. I talked to the body shop today and they said that if this part cant be fixed they cant give the car back due to safety reasons. they also said ford is looking nationwide for the part as we speak. I thought you guys would find this funny and be interested since you also own Cobras. (I have a 1997 Cobra) the car has been all repaired except painting the nose piece that was scratched. An the side exhaust kit that i just got in a couple days ago that I can no longer send back due to it being painted.
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well i spun out off the road once in the 98 and the ABS sensor came on from there on. You probably hit the sensor behind one of the tires. Mine was a rear tire. Only place that said they could fix it was a Ford dealership because the Cobra has a separate computer for ABS and they told me about $300 to fix the sensor and have the light off. So I just kept driving with it.
It was the ford dealership that told my body shop they could not get that part anymore as ford discontinued it. they are also the ones that burned up the used unit when they put that one on my Cobra. I might have been the main computer unit they dont have anymore I am not quite sure. what ever part it is they cant find a replacement for it so they might total out the whole car. Shame since the damage that was done didnt take long to fix and that car is back to prestine condition except for the ABS unit.
well went to ford today and talked to them. it is the ABS control module the guy there said it was a $1600 part. they tried a used one and that also failed. they have the only other one that they could find in the US coming if that fails the car is done they will probly total it out. what a waste of a sweet looking ride.
My ABS light is on in my 97 also. It is really getting at me too. All sensors are good, I heard the same thing it might be the module. I changed it, and no news, same thing. Next I heard it was the unit itself. 1600 bucks is right, there is now way I will spend that. When I slam on the brakes the wheels don't lock up and slide, so I don't know what the deal is.
yeah $1600 is a lot. I am glad this hapened in the accident as I could not afford or want the out of pocket for this either. The down side is that they cant get a new unit or fix the old one they will not release the car to me until it is fixed.