Need a link (or a name) Low oil sensor


Mod Dude
Sep 8, 2002
Here and there
I'm trying to replace my low oil sensor that's toward the bottom on the side of the oil pan in my 87 GT. I've found it before but I guess I'm calling it the wrong thing on the parts house website.

Need another name for it or a part number from Orellys, Advance, or the Zone.

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unfortunately, most of the discount dealers (Advance, AZ, oriellys) have started discontinuing alot of these older parts (advance told me the have discontinued the oil pressure sending unit for the 5.0), so mail order may be your only bet, but it is called a low oil level sending unit I believe.
It's getting plugged, anyone know the plug size for it? I think an M20 1.5 drain plug might fit but can anyone confirm?

I'm not so oblivious to my oil level to not know if I am low. I check it after almost every drive (which is not very often at that)