Need advice on 4.6 2v rebuild/upgrade

JB Ponyboy

New Member
Jun 15, 2021
I'm researching ideas to rebuild my 2002 4.6 2v w/170k. I'd love to come out of this project with a rebuilt engine AND 350-ish rwhp. What will that take?
This is my daily driver & I hope to improve it & keep it for years So... I want improvements & power but, I need reliability. Can I do this in the $6k range? I feel as though I'm already beyond my budget before I even start. EX: reman'd engine=$3k + supercharger=$4k + Tune + LT's + LABOR (not going to tackle this on my own).
Is there a 350+ engine that will drop in w/o FI? (reman or crate?). Everything I read leads me to believe that my 2v isn't gonna get me enought HP even with the typical bolt-ons & upgrades......
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