Need advice on new brakes


Feb 15, 2007
Ok so it's time for me to upgrade my brakes. Firestone says I need new rotors/pads in the front and pads out back, that they are at 100% already and could possibly damage the calipers if i go further. (44k on the clock)

I was initially going to do the 349 mach 1 kit from but its over 50 bucks shipping (whats with these sites that make u sign up and all that crap just to see shipping!!) 400+ rear pads+brake tool+fluid is too much for me right now.

So my question is, what is better than stock that I can get for cheaply? I was thinking brembo oem replacements 99dollars, and hawk pads up front and rear for total of like 230 +shipping from stangsuspension.

Is this about the best I can dofor the money or is there a cheaper route? Who has the best shipping prices of all these sites. Thanks!
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i also got used cobra brakes front and rear for $275 shipped. ido not believe taht you wore out your rear brakes completely at 44K. my car has 30K and the rear pads are at least 80%. hell, my ranger has the original brakes on the rear and it has 250K!!!

look around SVTP forums. they part out cobras all the time. IIRC there is a guy on the MPH board selling cobra calipers and rotors for $225 right now also