Need advice, what to do with "extra" '70 Fastback.


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Jul 2, 2001
Hudson, Wisconsin
Ok, long story short, I have my '70 fastback basket case, and I bought a "parts car" that is just as bad. I really just bought it because it had a toploader 4spd in it with a hurst z-gate shifter and strange built 9" rear end, and the guy only wanted $1000 for it (no engine, body really bad, wrecked interior).

Eventually I will decide which car iam actually going to fix (the "parts car is seeming appealing actually) and then I have to figure out what to do with the other one.

So my first question is a general one, when the price is near free, how far gone can a 70' fastback be and still be worth fixing? (both are F code v8 cars)

I need to decide if I should attempt to sell the extra car, or chop it and sell the parts, seems kinda wrong to do so though, its still technically fixable.

The only reason both cars are fixable to me is because I have a welder and am going to school for autobody so I have lots of time and room to work and free access to a frame rack too.

Also when it comes time to get rid of one of them (summer at the earliest), assuming its worth fixing, how do I sell it in such a way so as it goes to someone who can fix it and won't just strip it for parts (I could do that myself). I figure there must be someone with skill out there who wants one but can't afford a nicer one.

I can post more on them with detailed descriptions if anyone is actually curious, but pics would be useless because theyre both dissasembled and dirty.

BTW, if anyone is really familiar with the Rock falls drag strip in Wisconsin here, you may have seen this car before, its blue with lots of stickers, some of which say rock falls, and a huge ass snorkel scoop on the hood, and it apparenly was bought locally here I think the guy said as far back as 20 years ago (he forgot) and brought to MN to sit "awaiting resto" the guy he got it from had cut the rear fender panels off starting to fix it and never put new ones on.
Definetely a full time drag car though. No heater box and had 4 point cage and tied the frame underneath by welding pipes to it, and the rear end has a spool too.
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Fixing both cars would take forever and I am only allowed 1 vehicle from the car category.

You could find something better in CA, this car needs a bit too much metal work to be worth hauling that far.

It is worth fixing though, and even with all the parts shifted to one car, it still has all the glass and trim and such, and both cars have their seats and dashes and rear interior trim quarters and the like so I don't thinks theres a big list of stuff to hunt down that isn't normally replaced in a regular resto.

Since I have more time now:

My car is a grabber fastback it needs a full passenger frame rail I think, and maybe a full drivers one, both full floor pans both floor pan extensions and both seat platforms will get replaced too, I have the drivers side torque box and front floor frame extension in, and the passenger side still needs those too, plus it needs major repair to both rocker panels and needs door skins and rear quarters, both front fenders suck and the front suspension is off so it needs to back on the frame rack.

The blue (with blue interior) car was picked up and went straight into its winter home under a tarp next to the green one. never even wrote down the vin and I dunno if it was originally 3 spd stick or auto. It needs the rear portion of both frame rails, both sides of the trunk with dropoffs, both rear quarters, possibly outer wheelhouses, I dont know how the drivers door is because I havent picked it up yet, and I forget how the passenger door is, it need full floor pans with floorpan extentions and I haven't decided yet if the torque boxes in that car are repairable or need replacement, same with the front frame extentions under the floors, and it needs patches to the inside rear of the front frame rails. The hood has that ridiculous snorkel with associated hole, but is otherwise ok, and the fenders actually looked good if I remember. P.O. was getting more of the front pieces along with the drivers door for me next trip to his farm but I don't know whats all missing except I have the grill with sport lamps already here. prob will need front fender extentions hunted down unless he has em.

Both cars are F codes with no engines, the car I get rid of will be manual steering, manual drum brakes, open 8" rear end.