Need Gear Advice Today For 1998 GT Vert!


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May 26, 2004
Hey guys! I have been reading the boards for quite some time and have seen several posts regarding gears. I am going to the shop today to drop off my 1998 GT Convertible. I am having the weld-in subframes done, as well as a lowering kit. I am also going to have the gears done. I have decided to go with 3.73's, and I hope I don't regret it. The car is a 5-speed and only has 30K miles on it. I may decide later to do a supercharger or PI headswap. Do you think 3.73's are a good choice, or should I go for 4.10's? I don't intend to race it and it has BF Goodrich pilot tires on it. I just want to "wake it up" and make it more fun to drive. I also don't commute in it. What do you think? I am so confused! :bang:
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id say 4.10s if your going to stay N/A. also keep in mind when u change the gears, your speedo and mileage is going to be off alittle. you may want to invest in a speed cal from dallas mustang. or gettin ur car set for your gears.