Need Guidance Thinking of switching cat backs


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Apr 1, 2005
Looking for some guidance here, I have the Mac Cat Back System now and although I love the sound of the car at idle and when I get on it. The only thing I hate is the drone at normal cruising speeds. The drone is the worse. I was told the Dynomax Super Turbo system is real sweet has the nice rumble at idle and is quite loud when you get on it. At cruising speeds their is no drone and it is only a little bit louder than stock.

Here is my questions?

Is there a drone at driving speeds?
How does the performance compare to the Mac system?
How loud is the Dynomax System compared against Mac?
How is the quality of the Dynomax System.
Is it a complete bolt on system?
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this is funny cuz i have a dynomax super turbo cat-back and want to switch to a mac catback.

1.No drone really, its a very quiet exhuast.

2.Performance should be about the same, 2.5 inch mandrel bent piping with hi flow mufflers.

3.Dynomax quietter than stock almost in my opionion. mac is very loud.

4.Very good quality mine looks as it does the day i bought it 3 months ago.

5.Yes all bolt on