need help asap


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Jun 18, 2002
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I was intalling my subs in my car and they didnt work so I decided to check if the amp worked. I connected the amp to the back speakers and all 4 speakers just died and went off. They dont work but the radio still turns on and all the buttons work. What happend and what can I do?
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It sounds as though you may have an amp problem. I doubt that every one of your speakers suddenly took a crap. You don't mention what kind of amp it is, but even if it's a 1200 watt mono sub amp, it absolutely will not hurt any speaker hooked up to it for a test at a low volume level. Is everything hooked up correctly? Did the amp work OK and then suddenly stop? Is this in a new installation?
I'm with Bloomy on this one, it is very unlikely that all of your speakers just popped at once. To me it sounds like you may have a grounding problem. I suggest trying to run the ground wire directly back to the negative terminal on the battery just to be sure. I know that you don't want to but it will eliminate one definite possibility.