Need Help Fast!


New Member
Mar 30, 2005
My car is up for inspection in August. I am going away for a month from June 21-July 23 which means I need to get it inspected soon or at least have a place to go when I come back. I live in PA, just outside Philly, and I need a place to go to that wont mind having O/R H-pipes. Does anyone have any ideas or a place where I can go? I do not want cats! Thanks
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Purchase a Diablosport Tuner. You can turn your O2 sensors off through your OBD-II and pass the sniffer like that. I don't have an O/R pipe, but I have a Bassani w/ Bassani cats and my SES kept comming on even after clearing the DTC. So with the Diablosport I was able to just turn the damn O2 sensors off and passed the inspection :nice: . The emissions inspector who did my test was aware of my SES situation so he asked me how I fixed it and I told him about the Diablosport and he didn't even care that I turned the O2 sensors off :flag: .

P.S....the trouble code I kept getting was because my aftermarket cats (Bassani) were substandard to the stock cats...therefore it was tripping the SES and telling the computer that my cats were not operating properly.