NEED HELP!!! Need to fill my diff with oil!

Okay I had a serious diff cover leak, due to the last owner installing new gears and putting the cover back on with a thin bead of silicone! so I put a new gasket and silicone so I know it wont leak... here is my problem

the rear of the car is on jack stands. how do I get the oil into the diff with the car jacked up? the oil plug/bolt is in the upper left hand part of the front of the diff and there is no way I can get the gear lube in there.
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Put a piece of water hose over the snout on the bottle, put the other end in the diff, and squeeze! May have to do the majority of each bottle, then combine the remainders in one, and finish, but that's how I done mine.
just did one today, suction pump works excellent. only cost around 8 bucks and can be used for anything thats not corrosive. Looks like this....
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That's exactly what I use.

Use what ever wrench will fit the plug, and fit a 2 - 4ft section of pipe over it.... Cheater bars fix everything :D
Yep. Spray it with some PB or something first and let it sit. You really don't wanna strip that thing out. Then you're ****ed. Lube always helps in a tight situation.