Need help on suspension setup


Jun 19, 2005
I have an '89 notchback. I am wanting to run a wide rear drag radial and skinnies up front. I am wanting to install a 2.5" mac catback with 3" tips, so the tailpipes must clear the wheels/tires. I already have proform upper and lower control arms and stock v8 springs with one coil cut in front. I want the car to be streetable and hook up well at the track. Budget is not an issue. I need opinions on total suspension setup (springs, control arms, shocks, wheels/tires, swaybars, traction devices?)
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What about control arms and swaybars? I was thinking of going with Maximum Motorsports street and strip box, but it comes with lowering springs, spherical bushings in the lower control arms and the flimsy ford racing uppers. Has anyone else had luck with this setup? Also, I was thinking of getting rid of the front swaybar and using just the stock gt swaybar in the rear. And will 275/60/15's on a 15x8 weld draglite clear the tailpipes, and with what backspacing?