Need help with 1 g to 3 g no charge


Jan 27, 2008
i have a 84 mustang svo 2.3 turbo that was converted to 92 5.0 high output

It has an ampmeter that is always at halfway point even with vehicle off

I have a externally regulated 1 g , it has 3 wire connections on the alternator, i need to replace it because this alternator was creating a parasitic draw

I have a rjm injection 3 g alternator upgrade harness

I replaced it with a 3G from a 94-95 mustang that has A,S,I conenctions and a stator hook up Also has a positive battery post which i connected to the solenoid on the fender

the external regulator has 4 connections:
the I wire (not sure of color was replaced with a thin blue solid blue wire) runs into the fuse box under blower motor,,,,,
The A wire is yellow and white and I hooked it to the A conenction on the internal regulated 3G
The S wire is green and red and i hooked it to the I wire on the 3 G alternator

The fourth wire at the external regulator is orange and light blue
and i do not have this hooked up

all stock wires for alternator arent hooked up and were replaced with good wire from there perspective positions as stated above

there are no draws in the car, when sitting it has .00 for current draw

My battery does not charge, in fact the voltage when sitting is 12.5 or so and when i start it it has 12.2 volts, after couple days i gotta swap in a fully charged battery or it wont crank

where did i go wrong?
need some help please, not sure if im ready to take the alternator out and test it at a local shop
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