Engine Need help with my build 393w


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Apr 16, 2020
Hey guys i have a 1996 351w and i want to know if i can do a 393 without boring it? To make like a 387?
If yes,

I bought dms-8723-4000 forged piston for 302 with 1.605 pin height.

What i need to do to my block? :
1996 351w

Can i only put a 3.85 stroke crank in it with New bearing and New rod stock lenght? If yes which one. I contacted scat and they tell me they dont have scat 3.85 crank for ford application 'forged' ?!?(see picture)

Do i better to bore it? I guess only if my cylinder are bad?

Or i just leave it 351 and bought New forged 351w crank and rod ?

I have for now:
-Piston mentioned dms ditched forged
-F 303 cam
-Afr 185 head
-Edelbrock victor junior lower and 90d upper
-vortech v1 s trim
-Siemens 80lbs injector
-pms anderson
-Wilson manifold 102mm throttle body
-pro-m #80 maf

Thanks for your help. Sorry for my english.


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I'm not a shortblock expert by any means (i have people for that)
But I will make a couple other observations.
An F cam with a stroker and AFR 185's and a vic jr intake? I can't see that as anything other than a major mistake. Spend the extra money on a custom cam. You already spent the bulk of the money on a great set of heads...

If you do the 393 the S trim will most likely be undersized.
I'd probably leave it NA before going with an S.
I don't think an F cam sounds like a good plan, period.
Just keep in mind i like custom cams.

What are you shooting for?
I'm struggling a bit to understand your goals, almost none of those parts match.

An S would likely be fine with a basic 351.
But the intake is a high rpm race intake, the TB is massive and 80lb injectors are probably twice what you need (42's will support 500rwhp+)
I'd say for sure you will need custom tuning to make it run.
Yes i have a pms anderson for tuning, im trying a budget build.. with 2kids and wife its not easy to build an engine :p and at first i was planing to build a 302 and i found a 351. i was trying to not lost my piston and parts i bought for the 302. Contacted scat and they have no crank for me only a cuatom cam at 2100... cant afford that. All part i listed was really cheap so thats why im trying a build with no reciep.

But i think i will stay 351w will just put New crank in it with all New bearing.


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