Need Help With My Modded 4r70.

Mr. Rustypwnz

Advanced Member
Jun 1, 2005
indianapolis/ valdosta ga
Ok, so I have a stock 03 4r70w in my 98gt. It has a huge trans cooler and a manual valve body. Problem is, it just dosent shift that well into 3rd gear. It will chirp the tires into 2nd, but 3rd feels like :poo:. I have taken the 3rd gear accumulator spring out and it has gotten a little more firm, but I just want it to shift a little harder like 2nd gear does (because of the nitrous!). Anyone know what im talking about?
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It does have OD, just not wired up yet. Im 90% sure its not slipping. It is fully seating in 3rd as well, it has a tad bit of play though. I played with it some more today and I think its just the converter messing with me. It flashes at 43-4400. It pulls hard on the top end and def. dosent feel like its slipping, but I cant verify because lock up is blocked off.