Need more clearance for fox tb swap


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May 16, 2002
The piece that the throttle cable connects to hits on the fuel rails. I have an egr delete plate from upr, and I need about another 1/4" or less of clearance. I was going to get an intake spacer to lift the upper 3/8", but it just barely hits my hood right now so I don't want to raise it any higher.

So, can I use 2 egr delete spacers? Or should I get an egr plate like this?



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OOPS! Sorry! I just got done working on polishing my fox VC's for 2hrs straight and I'm a little out of it. Is it the width of the 351 based lower that is the reason the rails are hitting? (since the lower is wider?) I actually had a machine shop make my fox EGR delete spacer (for if and when I get around to doing it). Check around and see, maybe someone could mill you one a little thicker than the normal size spacers. If not i see no problem running 2 spacers, just glue to the gaskets to ensure they do not leak.
No problem!:nice: The 351 lower is HUGE compared to the 302 lower! So yeah, that's why the rails are hitting on the tb...

There's not really any machine shops around here that I know of...I'll check around, but if I can't find any I'll just order a second spacer. Thanks!
what kind of intake are you running?

you can order upper to lower intake spacers...

as the industry knows it as PHELONIC SPACERS.

this will raise your upper intake from 3/8th to an inch depending on the size you purchase.

Note: ported victor doesnt help, is it a vic jr converted to EFI? super victor junior converted to efi, or just a plain jane victor jr efi intake with both matching upper and lower combo.