Need opinions on what to do to car next

97 MGT

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Dec 6, 2001
Waukesha, WI
Right now I am looking for a bassani 2 cat Xpipe and a new suspension for my car.
I have steeda springs on at the moment with X2 balljoints. I want a lower more aggressive look though.
Does anyone have any ideas on what to get for more of a drop?
Also, I would like to beef up the motor a bit. PI heads are in my mind right now... but time is a problem for me so I do not have much time to install on my own. Other than time, i can do everything on my own.
I was thinkming over winter time.
Here is a list of what I have right now.
*Steeda Sport Springs
*Steeda 4.6 UD Pullies
*Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
*Steeda 8mm plug wires
*Steeda X2 Balljoints
*Steeda Shift Knob
*Steeda Double hook clutch quadrant
*steeda firewall adjuster(uninstalled adjuster) and cable
*Spec Stage II clutch kit
*Clear Corners with HyperWhite bulbs
*17x9 Cobra R wheels
*MAC Cold Air Intake(gay)
*Mac 2.5" Cat back with Chrome Tips
*Slotted and Dimple Drilled Rotors
*Corbeau GTSII Seats(Black)
*Kenwood KDC711 D-Mack CD player
*Rebuilt Trac-Loc Limited Slip Dif.
*fan mod

I want to do something else... but nothing that would effect reliability of the car or take the chance of having an issue. Such as a supercharger. Etc.

I need some opinions on what to do next.
Can you guys help a little?
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