Need Pic Of Quarter Panel Window Pillar, Door Open


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Dec 8, 2001

I'm finally repainting my hit and run coupe (see here for backstory) and I need a pic to illustrate something to the painter.

Basically, there is a black strip painted inside the door where the rear quarter panel window meets the door. My painter already painted it silver instead of taping it off, so I need him to fix it (and I'm out of state currently so I can't point it out to him physically). I haven't had any luck with google images.

Would someone be so kind as to take a pic of their quarter window with the door open? Preferably with a light colored fox. Bonus points if you have a pic of that section with the rear quarter window removed!

I would seriously appreciate it. I'll even thank you in the thread after you post it because that's what a good person I am. :hail:
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