Need Plug Recommendation for Nitrous

Auto Reverse

Jul 22, 2003
Buffalo, NY
I'm looking to run a 100 HP Zex dry kit on my DSS 331. I have the following mods. What's plugs P/N do you recommend and do you see any problems running nitrous with my setup? Thanks for the assistance guys.

DSS Pro Bullet 331 Short Block
AFR 165 Heads, 58cc
Crane PowerMax Cam (F-303 Specifications)
Holley SysteMax II Intake
C&L 76mm Mass Air
70mm Throttle Body
30 lbs. Injectors
MSD Digital 6 Ignition System
MAC Longtube Headers
MAC ProChamber H-Pipe
MAC ProDumps Exhaust
BBK Cold Air Induction
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Nitrous will be fine with your setup. Autolite 23's is what I run gapped to 35 thou. (stock is 25s at 55 thou)
any plug that is 1-2 heat ranges colder will work (Copper core)
That identical setup minus the 331 bottom end (car had a stock bottom) was good for 11.1's w/ a c4 and 3.73's. Should run great for you. Definatly 2 heat ranges colder and .032 should be good on the plug gap