Need some exhaust suggestions


Apr 10, 2004
Just looking for suggestions. I have a 93 cobra and well its time to change the exhaust. Right now it has a mac catback that has rotted out, I am looking for something more quiet. I used to like it loud but I have a baby now and I dont wanna make her deaf before she is a year old lol. I am looking for something without the drone. I was thinking magnaflow or bassani I dont really now so you guys tell me what you have and how it sounds thanks! remember I want it quiet :D
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On my 93 coupe i had mac l/t's, mac prochamber o/r mid pipe, and hooker areo chamber muffs with tails. Not to loud but when you get on it all hell breaks loose :nice: Oh and might i add they made the most power on the dyno and sounded good. I just like the flo sound so i went to them. I'm looking into the slp loud mouth 2 system or like my 95 had a bassani o/r x pipe and flows. peace