need some help on a major decision


My "0" key d0esn't w0rk, s0 I have t0 use the zer0
Nov 19, 2005
mooresville, nc
well my boss has been looking for a street car that he can build a big motor for and burn the tires off of around town. so i just jokingly told him that i would sell him my car and he said he wouldnt pay what i want for it....oh well. but he has a 97 or 98 dodge ram 1500 4x4 with a 360 with just over 100k miles on it that he just put a new transmission in (i work at a cottman transmission so its definetly done right). the thing runs great and has no problems at all. and he said he would trade me the truck for my car. the only reason i would consider trading is because my car keeps breaking stuff the more i drive it and it has no heat or a/c and is really just a pita to drive. im also having second thoughts on persuing my plans for my car because id hate to destroy a perfectly good 5.0 body. i planned on building a full chassis with 4 link for my car and going with a 351 or 460 blown alcohol motor. but im thinking it will be easier to just buy a 4 cyl body and do it when i come to that point. should i trade him or not? im also getting a 97 camry that needs a head gasket and possibly a head for free. if i get this truck im not gonna mess with the camry or i might fix it and sell it or just keep it....who knows. sorry for the long post but im really needing some help deciding.
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