need some help

hey guys, haven't been on the forum for a while but I'm still having the same starting problems. I still have to start the motor EVERYtime on ether, and a few days ago i went thru my IAC with carb cleaner and ear swabs, so i was wondering if anybody had any ideas?
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What happens if you cycle the key a few times before attempting to start it? This will allow the pump to repeatedly prime before it cranks for the first time.


Good luck.
I would search Jrichker's posts for his code dumping links.

If you have a grey TFI, I might make sure you have power to the appropriate terminal while cranking. See this diagram for more detail.

I might also put a noid light on an injector while cranking and see if it blinks at you.

I'm sure Jrichker or Tom would have much more precise input.

Good luck.