Need to find a discontinued part badly!


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Feb 7, 2004
Oceanside, CA
Hi guys I'm driving crosscountry to Cali for my next duty station and the stang has never made a trip like this to date. It's got close to 115,000 but I'm not worried. I just wanna be thorough in my pre-flight inspections and finish some work on her before we set sail. One thing I need badly that junk yards around here don't carry is the mount for the stock ignition coil. Did some work cleaning when putting my MSD igntion in and someone threw away the original mount. :nonono: Now I have to clamp the OEM style coil down until I get another mount. Like I said junk yards around here don't have one I can get because they sell them attached to the heads and they have no heads onhand and worst of all Ford has discontinued that part all together. Anyone know of a good online junkyard or even one I can call that's sure to have the part? Any of you dealers in used parts that might know how I can get ahold of one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry so long with the story. :rolleyes:

Here's the P/N for the mount: F422-12257-A

Once again thanks in adavance. :flag:
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Hef5.0weisen said:
nothing to do with your mount, but where are you in NC, where you going in CA? Military I'm assuming, just curious. I'm at Pope, AFB. Later
I'm in the Marines currently stationed at Camp Lejeune and I'm heading to Camp Pendleton next month. I know Pope only by name cuz I'm with an artillery unit and we go to Ft. Bragg twice a year to do field ops in their training areas.
No hope Pope! Two outa my three annual tours have been to no hope Pope! Good luck on your move!

I've been here for 3 years and thus far I have to say it's been one of the better places I've been. Can't wait to go to Cali though. Only ever been there 3 or 4 times and every time was only a short while for training so this will be the first time to be stationed out there. Any Stangnetters in the Oceanside/Diego/LA areas that can vouch for the local scenes :nice: 's and :notnice: 's. Any good car clubs and shows?