New 07 GT Owner with a ?


Dec 19, 2002
Apex, NC
Hope all are well. I purchased a new 07 Mustang GT Premium last week. I purchased a white GT 5 Speed with IUP, Comfort Group, Interior Accent Package, 18" polished wheels, wheel locks and side air bags.

Just before I took delivery, I noticed that my steering wheel is the all black non-leather steering wheel without the polished accents on the steering wheel spokes.

Why is that? I asked my sales rep and he assured me it was correct. I went online to and noticed that the IUP includes the Leather Steering Wheel.

So what happened? Could Ford have actually made a error on my ride? How is that possible with all of the quality control people that they have on the production lines?

Just curious if anyone can better inform me if my steering wheel is correct or incorrect.

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I'm headed that way today. I spoke to my sales rep and we are going to ride over to the service department and pull my vin up to see what is going on. He said they would absolutely order my steering wheel, no questions.

I hope you were joking about the quality control cause there's very little of it. A quick look over of the vehicle is all that occurs. It's not an intense item by item review. A majority of the line is robotic and that comes with no QC.