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Aug 16, 2018
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Hey everyone, Names David. I have owned my mustang for almost a year now and i love it so much. I own a white 2006 s197 gt with a tr3650 trans. my current mods are. jlt series cold air intake 110mm maf housing. ford performance intake manifold. and bama tuned with the 93 octane race tune. i have been doing tones of research on my stang and what i can do with it. my goal is to turn this car into a supercar. i will be taking this car to a whole new level over the next few years. the plan is to install a 5.3l stroker with 3v heads built to handle revving 8000 rpm's reliably. i will be pushing the boundaries with the motor. installing a t56 magnum xl trans with a 2.97:1 1st gear and 3.31 final drive to run over 200 mph. lighten up the front end to shift weight to the rear. add 20+ psi of boost with either twin turbos or supercharger on e85. and installing a full apr widebody kit with the gtc500 mustang spec rear wing. this will allow me to run 12.5 inch wide tires in the rear and 10 inch wide tires in the front. larger rotors, and brembo brakes front and rear. with coil overs. i have came up with this plan based of the koenigsegg agera r. it has a twin turbo 5.0 v8 4v in the rear of the car. and makes almost 1000 hp if not more from some sources. and has a top speed of 274 mph. now i know what your all going to say. I am no way trying to compete against this kind of technology koenigsegg has in their car. but what i can say is that this kind of power and performance can be replicated safely and reliably with the right kind of money. i will do this under 30 grand. i sure hope everyone will enjoy this project i am willingly to undertake.
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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Sounds like some cool plans, start a thread in the s197 forums with progress pics an explanation of what you are doing at the time, I'm very sure you will get the attention of the members over there and some cheers to help you along.
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