New best e.t.!!!! mph!!!!


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Nov 27, 2003
Houston, TX
hey guys went to the track the other nite and got a few new best times!!!

race weight was 3420 with me in it and 3/4 of tank of gas and the spare still in the trunk!! i also have a t-56 6speed with 3.73s which i know is killing my mph and 60ft!!!

the motor only has now about 2600 miles. best 60ft was leaving around 5000 and slipping out the clutch, but it still feels like it falls on it face and has to come back up!! also tried the short belt and improved on my mph but accidentilly got some of the belt caught on the outside of the crank pulley so it began to tear!! still got 109.23 mph!!

the belt was torn a little on one of the ends!! did not think it was going to last another pass but still tried it. 60ft a 1.786 felt strong and then around the 2 to 3 shift the battery light came on so i knew the belt had torn off!!
but still stayed in it. if felt like i lost a little power and it went the 12.671
i know that would have been a 12.50 or maybe even a 12.40 because on the next pass with the stock belt it went 12.721

so next mods are 4.10 and some weight reduction!! the car still has the stock k-member and was run on 18x9 CCW wheels on the front with 255/50/16 M/T drag radials on the back!!

i going to try to ad the pics of the timeslips if it does not come up i will try again!![img]

also here is a pic of whats left of the short belt!!


thanks to who have help me out paul(killercanary) David N.(RaceRage) and
Ed from FTI always asking them Q??!!! and they all always answer them!!!

i know by the end of this year it will go into the 11's on motor!!!!!!!!
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