New Best


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Jul 7, 2004
well i upped the shot to 110 shot and ran a new best:D
1.50 60ft
7.40@92 1/8mile
11.74@ 1/4mile

still 149,000mile stock motor with bolt-ons and spray
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you are my idol. That is exactly what i want to do. Bolt ons and spray and run 11s. Im working on the boltons part now. Do you have a link or anything to your mods i could look at:D But great times:hail2:

Try shooting for 6.99's on the stock shortblock.

Its a goal our buddy just recently accomplished in his Maveric (stock 302 shortblock with cast pistons,maybe stock heads,C4 in a 2600lbs car with a plate and a 210hp shot)
congrats scott those times are awesome ....

what was your 1/4 mph looks like it got left out ....
and you must be awfully happy with your nitrous kit you went with compucar rite ?