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Oct 21, 2000
Central Florida
Made it to funday sunday and managed a 1.737 60' (255-50-16 BFG DR's) against a 02 camaro getting a 2.001 60' (245-50-16 Nitto DR's). Second pass, not as good 2.059 60' [email protected] day 2 runs from 11:30-6:30...I set my goal for 13.5 because my best on street tires was a [email protected] and I couldn't believe the 60' and the et...i'm happy to say the up is 3.73's and I have some headers in the garage. :)

Just alittle video of the run against a friends near stock ls1 a4
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Nice Driving :nice:

Some are gonna look at the mods and freak :eek:
Several things stick out like a sore thumb to me :rlaugh:

First and Foremost ... 60 foot times in the low 1.7's


See his sig ... he has dropped about 1/2 a sec from it
that alone would result in a full sec on the big end :eek:
You know he has gotten a bit more efficient at driving :D

While the gear ratio is not optimum for 1320 assaults ...
327's are a whole 1/2 a turn better than 273's ;)

Now I know all you auto trans folk don't wanna hear it
When talking stock for stock ... a stick CAN be more efficient
when you wanna go to the track.

Thanks for sharing and once again ... Good Job :nice:

thank you for the kind words...I was very happy and shocked at the same time. Weighted the car as well and it was 3450 with me in it....skinnies are the only thing as for weight loss only because my 17's are showing cords on the inside since I need caster/camber plates still. Had 3/4 tank of gas (89 octane), spare and jack are still in there, leather, all that crap, haven't removed anything. the 1.73 60' I could not believe it myself (think it was a freak launch)...i'll post the timeslip later tonight of both runs, but it was warmer yesterday (about 70 degress when I made the 13.5 pass) than when it went the 13.9 (51 degrees) on street tires, so i'm sure that play a role in there somewhere. I've also had 3.27's the whole time since the car came with an auto...people just kept asking me what I had so I added it to my signature. With the stock aode it went a best of 14.7@94 with a 2.2 60' in high 40 degree weather and same exact mods for comparison.
to be honest....the 2nd pass felt better. The first pass, I launch at 2000 and let the clutch out quick and it hook so i matted it but didn't powershift 2nd becuase i didn't know how it was going to hook. The second pass I launch at 2500 and it just felt cleaner and kept the throttle pinned all the way down the track and that was the 2.0 60'....other video will be up shortly but it was night time.

Sorry, car had always had 3.27' was an auto and I did a 5 speed swap a few months back...3.73's are next though.