New cam specs.. Have some questions?

I just got my new cam and now I have some questions..
ok this is it: Hydrolic roller 555 lift intake and exhaust w/1.6 rr's, lobe seperation 111, .050 duration. power band is between 2000 to 6200 rpm. My question is how will my driveability be? I do not use this car as a DD, so it's not that much of a problem if it's not the easiest to drive on the street. I'm almost positive piston to valve clearance will be no problem, and finally will I pass smog? I'm not looking for a drag or dyno queen, so I would still like to drive it on the street.

Regardless of what the outcome to these questions are, this cam will still be in my car in the next week or so. I am also changing from 1.6 rr's to 1.72's, so the lift will be .597 intake and exhaust, will this cause a problem with piston to valve clearance? If so I will stay with 1.6's.

Thanks fellas
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Ask Ed if the rocker swap is a good idea. You better have GOOD valve springs if you swap rockers!

Im sure that cam will drive fine. Mine is a LOT bigger and drives great. My rpm range is 3200-6400 in a 347-355" engine. It would be 3500-6900 in a 302 like yours.

What did you ask Ed for with the cam? The cam sounds nice, it should run hard.
I wanted some room for improvments, my old Ed C cam was a little less aggressive, and I have two ray J, turbos from a caloway corvette sittin in my garage, (I also have the corvette but with upgraded turbos) so i'm toying with that idea. but for now I wanted more power and a little higher spinning cam, so its exactly what i'm looking for. but I had these questions because I like to drive my car every now and again on the street. I just dont want more hassle than what it's worth. My whole point is if the car cannot go on the street, I would rather just go nuts and make it a road race car, but I want to drive it normally.
I had a similiar cam with my 165's recently. My lift was .532 with a duration of 233. Drivabillty was livable. Occasionally at a light it would want to die out. I had to keep my idle set around 1100rpm. My car had a custom mail order chip, which probably didn't help the idle much. Get a PMS or a tweecer. I had 1.7's with mine and did not have a clearence issues. You might want to stick with the 1.6's. As far as emissions goes, forget it! I tried everything to pass and was still at 4 times the allowable hydro carbons. The sound was BAD! Not many will even mess with you, because of how tuff your car sounds.
I pass with flying colors with my cam :)

If you can get it to work in CL like the pcm expects (a good tune), your gonna pass :nice:

I'd not even wanna try and guess how good things are gonna be as far as drivability goes.

If its bad, just tune it ;)

As far as tune goes, mine get's a custom tune every time by Steve at powertrain dynamics. So thats not even an issue. So I "should pass a smog check" at least in theory. Well we will see. My old combo net me just over 300 rwhp and even more tq, so i'm anxious to see what this will get me.
What is your duration? You said .050 duration. I think you meant xxx° duration and .050 lift.

Just keep in mind that if you end up with too much total lift and need a really heavy spring, you will hit a wall of diminishing returns once you consider high rpm lifter bleed down. Then consider that a heavy spring will have a higher bind height which may also put a limit on your total lift.