New combo!! Have a couple of ???s

Hello folks!!!

Well after 83,000 miles and over 150 bottles of N2O my motor finally broke on me!!!

I had a nitrous backfire that destroyed my plastic intake and took out cylinder #8!!

So on to my new combination that Billy at MSX is currently putting together for me. It consists of the following components:

2003 Mach 1 Shortblock (Aluminum block & steel crank)
Fully P&P heads with Mod Max valvetrain
Comp Cams 268 Cams
Flowtech long tube headers
Flowtech 2 1/2" off-road X-pipe
Dynomax mufflers
BBK underdrive pulleys
MMR plenum
FRPP 70 mm throttle body
Mac cold air kit
24 Lb injectors
Mach 1 mass air meter
NX dual stage kit (75 + 100)
Aviator fuel pump
Spec stage 2 clutch
Steeda Shifter

The combination of the mach 1 shortblock & the ported P.I. heads will result in a compression ratio of 11.5 to 1.

I am hopeing for 300 + RWHP on motor and 450+ on the juice!!!

What do you guys think??

Look like a good combo to you guys??

Who would you have tune it?? I am going to sell my predator tuner.

Later friends,

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a guy i know of has a 2000 GT with similar bolt ons putting down 330rwhp after being dyno tuned by mike murrillo. the only issue i see in your combo is the compression. it looks a bit high for a daily driver. i would go with 10.5/1.