thought i would show a few pics. opinions welcome




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i appreciate it guys. i got it for free :) traded my 03 ranger to the guy who had it. just swapped the titles. we knew him of course.

yeah we got a few things to do but im not goin all out with it like i am the 5.0.

ill probly take the hood off and repaint it( both sides), and im gonna do a really good detail on the interior but im not gonna worry about replacing that cuz its a DD that im takin to school. i am gonna take off the o/r x and put an o/r h on it tho. way too raspy.

i cant remember if those pics are before or after the wax. i think after. you should have seen it before lol it was rough. the guy hadnt cleaned or washed it in months

but im happy with it and i love it :)
jeez black leather sure shows flaws well, glad i have tan now. 4V DD aint bad by any means!

I was just thinking the exact same thing, always wanted black but my seats are in worse shape just dont look it.
Congrats and have fun, I thought you said before it was a 98?
well the speedo didnt work for a while so im not sure on the mileage. the odo says 66,xxx but i know its more than that. but the motor has been rebuilt and has about 10,xxx on it. rough guess

but i catch the hint on the hood but i cant do anything with it anytime soon. so just bear with me lol
Poor guys taking a beating on the hood issue :rlaugh:
Buy me a fiberglass 03 replica heat extractor hood and you can have my OEM Cobra one :D