new engine help

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Nov 15, 2005
Well, take my advice.... i did all the mistakes first, and now have a decent motor going together...

Take the short block apart. take it to the machine shop. have them hot tank it, then have them mic the cylinders to check the wear. this will let you know if you need to bore or hone it. (mine was worn 19 thousandths at the worst part, thats why i just decided to go .030 over)

Things to ask yourself:

What is your budget?

Decide on what you might do with the motor in the future....

Are you going to want more low rpm grunt, high rpm horsepower, or both?

Kinda need more details as far as what you want to do with the motor, then we can go from there.

I just learned that balancing goes this way (from worst to best)

1. balanced externally at 50oz
2. balanced externally at 28oz
3. balanced internally (neutral balancing)
The mark 8 is a non-H.O. 5.0. you should FarBeyondDriven's advise and take the block apart. You said you want serious power, ditch everything inside. There are no goodies inside. those motors are built for cruising not horsepower. Check the heads, if they are not E-7's (which I don't believe they are) get those out of there too. Balancing, Neutral could cost you about 200 dollars. Some cranks (like Scat) come balanced for 28 oz. components, so when you buy your fly wheel and balancer make sure they are 28 oz. 50 is stock. Hope this helps