New exhaust recommendations! I need to hear that engine roar!


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Dec 6, 2018
South Carolina
Going insane trying to find the best exhaust for my S550. Yes, I’m expecting to hear a million people scream Corsa down from the heavens but before that lemme just go over my likes and dislikes. I need something to sound like the true muscle car it is, not a ricer.

-DEEP exhaust notes
-You can hear me coming before you see me coming
-Rich, intoxicating muscle car sound
-Quad tipped exhaust, I don’t mind changing the rear valence
-Stainless Steel, Full cat back
-Chrome tips

-If it sounds like snap, crackle pop then it belongs in a cereal box, not an engine
-Ricer like sound - “Whiiiiinnnneee” - you know the kind
-Sacrificing deep exhaust notes for the sake of being loud

I wanna hear the engine while driving but don’t want the glass shaking from drone either. It’s very difficult to tell from sound clips but so far Borla & Corsa seem to stand out the most for the sound. My ‘98 GT Convertible has a Bassani stainless Steel cat back exhaust that I removed the baffles out of and a Bassani xpipe to go with it and it’s probably the best Mustang I’ve ever heard so far. But the ‘15’s on up are a difficult animal entirely it seems. I welcome all thoughts, opinions and criticism and look forward to the replies on this one!


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Jul 14, 2012
I went with:
MBRP S7205BLK 3" Cat Back, 2018-Up Ford Mustang GT, Quad 4" Dual Wall Tips, Street Version, Black Coated

Found the best price on Amazon back in October at $519 with two day delivery. I didn't get around to doing the install until this last week which took my SIL and I approx. 2 hours.

The black mufflers and quad exhaust tips look great on the rear of my Shadow Black 2018 GT. Have not noticed any drone. Over all it is a good sounding exhaust, loudest it has registered from the interior is 88db which is surprisingly the same reading to the rear of the car. It will on a few occasional rev ups while sitting still give a short rasp which is far from the raspy note of a ricer. It sound V8 all the way.

Shop carefully on pricing, it can vary greatly. Many owners seem to be happy simply replacing the resonator/pipe with an X or H pipe for a little more volume.

One of the added benefits on the cat back replacement is that if ever desired the exhaust can be swapped back to the factory exhaust in less than an hour with only 3 different sockets, a couple of extensions and a ratchet.


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Dec 6, 2018
South Carolina
Yeah that's my thing - I don't want any rasp at all if possible but it just seems like it's the nature of the beast with this engine. Every exhaust clip I've heard has some rasp in there it seems. I also own a '98 Mustang GT Convertible and with that car I have a Bassani Xhaust - X-Pipe with full cat back and I removed the baffles out of the pipes. It is the absolute best sounding Mustang I have ever heard in my life. So far I've not come across anything that's come close but I'm open to options. I wasn't impressed with Bassani clips for the new S550's, seemed (to me anyway) too quiet and slightly raspy. That Corsa Extreme sounds balls to the wall crazy, wondering if the sport would have less rasp. No drone is nice but it doesn't bother me as long as it isn't just unbearable and constant.


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Apr 20, 2010
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I've got the corsa sport on mine. No drone.. Louder than stock, but not super loud unless you get on it. Its raspy

I was over having to yell to talk to passengers when cruising in my fox, so this fit the bill perfect for my '17.


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Jun 22, 2018
In my 2018 GT PP1 I put in a stainless H pipe and flowmaster super 44s. I have had several people ask me about it and several random compliments from other drivers. In rural Texas it seems to get the deer off the road when I am about a quarter mile away.
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