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Feb 4, 2020
Hello all; my name is Kurtis and I am new to your community! I recently picked up a 66 coupe as a surprise for my dad who is turning 61 this year. In his twenties he had a 70 mach 1 which he sold for a 67 coupe. The story I have been told since before I can remember is he brought the 67 home, the next day he couldn't get it running. The car was brought to a local auto shop for repair who fixed it and left it outside. Overnight two guys decided it looked like a fun time so they stole it and wrote it off in a Dukes of Hazzard manner. I had previously been saving for a sports car, as I owned a Subaru WRX at one point and really enjoy having a sporty little ride for the summers. Instead of the Jaguar F types I've been drooling over and saving for for the past few years, I figured I would meet my dad halfway and buy a mustang, but build it up to handle well and take all the abuse I could throw at it. I'm a millwright by trade and have been building custom vintage Harley Davidson choppers for 5-6 years as a hobby as well so i'm hoping my fab skills can come into play with this project. I have Wilwood front brakes and a power master in transit for the car and a TKO600 out of a 66 fastback sitting in my garage. I'll be keeping the exterior imperfect because, well, i'm hard on equipment. I joined because I have a unique dash pad question to ask in another forum but i'm sure I will be back with a ton of other questions as well, may even do a little build thread if there's interest. I've attached a picture of the car as it stood before I went ahead and pulled the rear end out to do the rear subframe patches. Thank you for letting me into the community, I look forward to learning as much as I can. Cheers!


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Damn, Sounds like you are gonna fit in well here. Build threads are our free movies here. Post lots of pictures and let us know how you overcome the hurdles, maybe some of us can avoid a mistake that way.

I think your doing a great thing there with your dad. There is never an expiration date on father son projects.
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