New guy with 95 V6 needs tips


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May 23, 2005
Franklin TN
Whats up yall. I just bought a 95 V6. its got a cobra body kit on it, 17in cobra Rs, Headers, CAI, and a FLowmaster exhaust. I gotta replace the drivers side fender headlight assembly and hood. any tips and pointers would be appreciated. im definately gonna be doin som engine work on it. either a v8 swap or SC. I dont know much about mustangs though. Ive been a mimitrucker for a while now. thanks yall

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A bit long but worth the read if you've never done any of these procedures before.

No real tricks to replacing any of the items you mentioned.For the headlamp,there are 3 adjusting screws on the back.One on the top has a metal clip on it.Just remove the clip using a pair of needle nose pliers,it's a locking clip so it should slide off by grabbing the top lip and pulling out.The 2 screws on the bottom have plastic retaining clips (no tab).Just squeeze these with pliers while pulling the headlamp out.The new assembly will just snap right into place,then you just put the locking tab back on the top screw.You headlamp will need to be aimed properly.You do this by adjusting the screws on the back using a very small socket (Somewhere around 5 - 7 mm ).

The hood ....I highly reccomend you get some help with this one.The hood is made of fiberglass and I wouldn't want you to damage your replacement. first remove the hood light wiring.It's easier to just cut the wire where it comes off the hood into the wiring harness,which then the lamp can be unclipped and the wiring pulled out to be easily spliced back into your new assembly.Now,where the hood hinges attach to the hood you should make an outline or put a mark next to the bolt holes so you know which way your new hood will attach in the proper alignment.Start by removing the bolts that attach the hinge to the hood.You'll also need a little help here so it doesn't fall off and damage something.Just make sure your fenders are covered with a blanket or something soft so you don't scratch them up.

Make sure you disconnect the battery and wait a couple minutes before starting work on the fenders,Airbag electronics are very close to where you'll be working and you don't want to accidently bang into an impact sensor.

With the fenders,You have to remove the headlamp and parking lamp assemblies.There are 4 bolts you need to remove from the housing that the headlamp and parking lamp attach to (2 nearest the parking lamp corner and 2 on the very other end where the headlamp sits next to).Also,remove the inner fenderwell splash shield plus the lower molding that goes along the very bottom (the molding is usually part of a body kit and has a couple of screws on it).The splash shield has plastic clips and screws.If your careful,you can pop out the clips and re-use them later.Now,remove the front bumper cover.To get the bumper cover off,there are 2 rivets that secure the top part which have to be drilled out.These rivets can easily be spotted by following the bumper straight up on both sides of the honeycomb grille on the front.They are just below the engine decals.Also,now that you have the splash shields removed,there are 2 nuts on the very insides of the far left and right sides of the bumper cover which need to be removed.(4 total).These are what attach the cover to the fender.And now remove the plastic clips on the very underside.The bumper cover should come loose now.

Now you can remove the bolts that secure the fender.There are several bolts along the top of the fender where the hood closes.There are also a couple bolts just right next to where the door hinge attaches.Also,2 bolts underneath that attach the fender to the radiator support.And then,2 bolts which are attached to the rocker panel (On the inside which is normally hidden by the splash shield).After all this,carefully slid the fender out.

Hope this helps you out a bit.